Free Software Downloads

Lets take a closer look at the word free

Free is one of the most searched single words on the internet not surprisingly. We all want things for free. The truth about free software downloads can be found somewhere between two contradictory old saws:

  • The best things in life are free and
  • You get what you pay for

There are many games you can download for free. Most free software download sites don't tell you that they are not really all that free. That is, they are not likely to be

  • free of viruses
  • free of spyware
  • free of browser hijacks or
  • free of other problems
Free Software Downloads with a Catch

Many software vendors will make software available for free, but there are a number of catches that might go with this. One catch is that it is often outdated. Its free availability only makes the upgraded software more tantalizing to users. In other cases, software is available for a free trial only for a short term. Other free software providers will simply bug you every time you open their software, asking if you want to upgrade to the full version or words to that effect. If you don't mind being nagged, keep the free software.

Free Open Source Software

Open source software is also free. Open source software is ideal for people who like to have full control of their software and what it is able to do. To use open source software you need to have advanced knowledge of coding and coding languages. In addition you need to pay close attention to the provisions of the GNU General Public License.

Some lists of free software

Wikipedia has put together a list of all free games and free game sites. These are not guaranteed to be free of viruses, etc. (as discussed above). The list is available here.

The Free Software Directory from the Free Software Foundation most or all of the links are to open source software can be found here: lists freeware here:

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