General Computer Software

Some basics for your home and family

Any software used to run your computer, whether its a PC or a Mac, might be called general computer software. We discuss most of this software under computer system software.

Some of the general problems that people face with computer software are as follows. (Advice covered elsewhere on this site is hyperlinked):

People download viruses. Read more about anti virus software
  • They also download spyware, which can be less harmful than viruses. Read more about spyware.
  • There are also some general precautions when it comes to general computer software that will come with your system or that you will find on the internet. Read on
Kids and the internet

Kids come across web sites with software that is harmful. There are many websites with spyware software and other nefarious devices that do all kinds of nasty things to your computer and potentially to your kids, as well. Internet porn is notorious for this with sites that masquerade as informational sites or other, with spyware that creates malicious popups and other problems.

Game sites frequented by kids can also have many of these problems with annoying popups, ads for emoticon software or (how can they spend so much on advertising, we wonder). Its easy enough to deal with these popups if you download free anti-spyware programs such as Adaware and others.

Kids and Software

In order to protect your kids from harmful software, you can purchase Parental Control software. These work by filtering content or managing time spent on the internet or on certain sites. The more complex software in this category filters outbound information (including your child's name, for example). The value of parental control software cannot be underestimated; remember how much or how often you disobeyed your parents?

The internet has many more dangerous places to go than were available to you when you were a child. Read more about parental control software or search our resources for parental control software.

Operating System Wars

Microsoft's Windows operating systems are so ubiquitous that many people do not even know that they are in fact an optional operating system and that there are other choices. Many people who own Macs and run Linux will tell you (or claim, anyway) that these are much easier to use than PCs and Microsoft software. This debate has raged for some time now; Microsoft appears to be ignoring the war, for the most part, while they are winning it hands down. The latest battle will be fought over Windows Vista, set to arrive in 2006 (it may already be out by the time you read this).

Other than that, you will find advice throughout our site or by searching our resources.

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