Microsoft Software

The giant lives on

Microsoft Software is the most criticized, most reviled and most pirated software in the world. The giant is always the easiest target to hit, and Microsoft is also the most used and most popular software.

Most people who use Microsoft don't know much about the competition, they don't really care and they're pretty sure they don't really need to care. In some cases they are right to not care, but in others they may be surprised.

Why hate Microsoft Software?

Microsoft's sheer ubiquity and their easy integration of all software suites makes it formidable. No company covers as much ground (or space in the software universe) as Microsoft. Microsoft expanded from an operating system into e-mail, word processing and hundreds of other useful applications. Their everything to everybody mentality makes them the target of envy.

Envy might not be the whole story, to be fair. In almost every category, there is software that is as good or better than that offered by Microsoft. Many programmers will tell you that Microsoft generates the longest, most problematic code for any application. Thus, Microsoft applications are best able to read Microsoft code. And Microsoft applications are not as good at reading code that is actually standard. This is why some charge that the company creates a monopoly in part by making bad software that is only truly compatible with its already ubiquitous Windows software.

Should you still buy Microsoft software?

Buying Microsoft software helps you contribute to their market dominance (or, as some people call it, a monopoly). When you expose yourself to software by companies other than Microsoft you will find they have capabilities and options that you never knew were possible. For example, in something as basic as web browsing software, Microsoft long under-estimated the value of tabbing and automatic popup blocking resulting in the insurgence of MozillaFirefox. As it goes in web browsing, so it goes with other software.

On the other hand, Microsoft products are easy to use. Microsoft has established itself as the software of choice in many categories, answering critics time and again. Microsoft-bashing for crashing Windows and the blue screen of death are largely outdated.

Buying Pirated Microsoft Software

Regardless of your feelings about Microsoft, you should not buy software purported to be Microsoft software if it is sold:

  • Solely as a CD in a CD case
  • Loosely
  • With an individual end-user license agreement

True Microsoft software is never sold in any of these forms. Find Microsoft software by searching our resources for those exact words.

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