Software for Other Technologies

An overview of other platforms and technologies

Many technologies come with their own software or with proprietary downloads of software you can use in conjunction with that technology. An example of this as good as any other is iTunes for the iPod. When you buy an iPod, you download iTunes to your PC and you use this to manage your iPod; in addition you can use it as a player.

The problem with proprietary software like this is that it is often exclusivist; it is designed to make you use no other software. You get sucked into this because you do want the convenience of using (for example) one media player (or messaging software or PDA software).

With many of these technologies and even with specific products (again, the iPod is a good example here) small cottage industries can spring up where third party software makers create software that gives you additional applications. When it comes to buying any of this software you will need to bear in mind some essential cautions (How to Buy Software).

Platforms that we cover one this site include the following:
  • Fax.Numerous kinds of software can be used in tandem with or to replace the software that came with your fax machine.
  • iPod.The little gizmo from Apple is ubiquitous. Find out more about software beyond iTunes.
  • Cell phone. Today, cell phones overlap with PDAs and other similar technology in smart phones.
  • Palm. Whether you're looking for software for your Palm Pilot, Palm OS or any other handheld PDA or Pocket PC there are many different kinds of software that can be added or used in conjunction with that youve already got on your device.

Those are the most popular technologies for which people are seeking technology. If you want further advice on any of these, you can click on the links above as well as checking out our fairly generic advice on any software purchase.

If you want to go straight back to searching, use our search box to find resources for the software you are looking for.

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