Cell Phone Software

Much, much more than just ringtones'

Today, cell phones and other wireless devices rule the world. The technology is changing so rapidly that its hard for anyone to keep up. Smartphone's, for example, have traditional cell phone capabilities, but they have many other added features that may include:

  • Messaging, internet, e-mail and more
  • Digital camera capabilities
  • Daily organizer and calendar capabilities
  • Mp3 Players and more

Gone are the days when people worried about the ability to tweak their SMS with a software upgrade.

Yeah, but, what you want to know is...

The simple fact is that the most oft-searched cell phone software is ringtone software that can liven up your phone for fun or personalization. Most people searching for cell phone software are only looking for things like free Motorola ringtone software and Nextel ringtone phone software. Just be sure that you ringtone software is compatible with your cellular manufacturer.

Some more complex cell phone operating systems and software and the phones that are compatible with them are as follows:
  • Symbian, used by Nokia and Sony Ericsson.
  • Windows Mobile, by Microsoft, is used by Motorola.
  • Linux is also used by some Motorola cell phones.
  • Palm OS is used by Samsung and a few others.
  • The Blackberry uses proprietary software.

In addition, you can add third-party software that will increase your cell phones abilities. For example in the summer of 2005, a few vendors jumped into the podcasting fray with software that gave cell phones (or cell phones, as some people call them) the ability to download and play podcasts.

In many cases, it is simply best to get the latest model of cell phone or smartphone that will have built-in all the capabilities that you need. For that, you will need to (use our search box) search our resources for the latest cell phones.

Cell phone unlocking software

Youve bought a phone and signed an exclusive agreement that locks you into using one network. You ought to be able to use your cell phone however you want to, though, right? that's where cell phone unlocking and unlocking software come into the picture. This software is questionably legal, but there is some debate on the matter companies who sell phones should not really have any say over how you use the phone, should they?

You can learn more by reading third party rationalizations on your own. Use our search box to find these, looking for cell phone software.

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