Fax Software

Some basic advice to bear in mind

There are a number of software types related to fax software. You may be looking to upgrade your software to make your PC or fax machine more versatile (this can be done) or you may be looking for fax server software or you may be looking for free software.

Fax Software from MyFax allows you to transform any e-mail program into a fax machine (of sorts). SnappySoftware gets raves from users who want to send faxes from their PCs, and its sold on a per user basis. Those are a few of the fax software packages to look into after reading our advice on fax software.

Fax Software advice

When searching for fax software, aside from basic advice to bear in mind, there are some precautions specific to fax software. These also apply to fax services (see below) which may be a better bet than fax software.

  • A feature set that matches your needs . Fax services and software packages will offer widely varying feature sets.
  • Cost may be less of a factor than the feature set and consider cost vs. savings. Beware, though, and inquire about any hidden or extra costs. Get their claims in writing.
  • Service and Support . Check the companys service history with previous users.
Search for Fax Services instead

Today, many fax software companies are simply online fax services that facilitate the sending of faxes. Why would you use one of these?

  • Save Money : many services cost less in yearly fees than a few toner cartridges. You also save money on long distance charges by using the internet to make fax transfers.
  • Save Paper : Fax services are generally more resourceful in managing paper use.
  • Versatility and Streamlining : Outsourcing fax needs and other communication needs can actually simplify things. Faxing can be done through e-mail or faxes can be sent to e-mail addresses.

To learn more about this best answer to your faxing needs, search our resources for fax services.

Unified Messaging Systems

At the very high end of fax software, some fax networking software is a part of unified messaging systems.These can run into tens of thousands of dollars for integration and they can transform your server and systems into a versatile multi-communications network. The most highly rated suites in this are software from Interactive Intelligence Communite and Siemens Communications HiPath Xpressions 4.0.You can learn more about this by searching our site (in the search box) for resources on unified messaging.

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