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iTunes is just the tip of the iceberg

The only iPod software that you really need is iTunes, right? that's wrong (as you knew we were going to say) but for a few reasons. On one hand, of course, since the iPod revolution, there has arisen a small constellation of iPod related products, including third-party software. On the other hand, though, have a think about whats wrong with iTunes.

On top of that, there are iPod software updates and upgrades, including updates to your iPod as well as iTunes. These upgrades are not without their problems, of course. For example, in January of 2006, Apple released version 1.1 of the 5G iPod software (for iPod video). This did have some bug fixes and increased compatibility, but there were also new problems with freezing and loss of sound when playing videos.

Other Issues

If you want to use iTunes as a media player, other software will do as well or better. Do not delete other players from your hard drive thinking that iTunes will be all you need.

iTunes (and any other proprietary software, for that matter) wants you to spend money in one place their place. It subtly (or not so subtly) wants to squeeze out all competition. Compare it to an alternative, one of the oldest open source players around WinAmp. If you want to play licensed movie files, you can play just about any of these in WinAmp. But iTunes (and Windows Media Player and a few others) will often ask for a license in order to play files. Why? Simple iTunes wants you to buy from the iTunes store.

Of course, all of this occurs under the auspices of digital rights management

Related to this issue, iTunes will not allow you to upload files from your iPod. The RIAA and other bodies like this, but ordinary users will want to use WinAmp to load and play whatever files they want to, unimpeded.

Some Third-Party iPod Software

Companies such as Zapptek are part of the cottage industry that has built itself up around the iPod. The iPDA allows you to transfer e-mail data, Word files and more to your iPod so that you can read on the go much as you would with a PDA (without intrinsic wireless e-mail capabilities that is). iPresent allows you to convert PowerPoint, PDFs and other presentation materials, sync them with your iPod, and you no longer need a laptop.

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