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Most bigger commercial products in messaging are related to emergency services or the need for field contact. Software allows anyone from utility company personnel to meter maids to paramedics to contact each other, receive emergency instant messages or otherwise facilitate the more effective carrying-out of duties and activities.

Enterprisemessaging, such as that provided by SonicMQ and others, sounds related but is in effect essentially different. For example, open source enterprise messaging like Oracle Collaboration Suite has decidedly mixed reviews, especially concerning its usability in a corporate environment.

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Instant Messaging Software for everyday users

Instant Messaging software is everywhere. It seems like

  • all of the big internet players are into it.
  • they are all giving it way for free.

If you do a lot of instant messaging, there is software such as that provided by Zango and others that will facilitate the grouping together of Yahoo, MSN and others so that you can chat with anyone who uses any of these various (free) services. Its a neat little tool you might find handy. To learn more about items like this, use our search box to investigate instant messaging software.

So what are the possible disadvantages of this?

Security is a big concern. Newbies to instant messaging still make the mistake of thinking that an instant messaging conversation is the same as a face-to-face conversation. With a lack of caution, there is the tendency for misunderstanding. This can lead to messaging you will later regret.

An issue related to this but also with implications for other messaging situations is that of security. Do you want other people to see your messages? Are you mindful of the fact that your messages are passing through many channels, networks and servers before they reach their intended destination? This provides numerous opportunities for hacks and other nefarious activities.

The potential for snooping is an issue in corporate and work environments where its quite easy to snoop into your IMs. Most IM software is encrypted but this encryption does not prevent keystroke or screen capturing. Keystroke capturing is the recording of all keystrokes to find out what people are typing; this is tedious and difficult to do to any effect. On the other hand, spyware that can take screen captures of encrypted text (or anything else, for that matter) is more effective and can thus be far more damaging.

Fortunately, there are some programs that can secure your instant messaging against spyware and hacking. For example, IMSecure is a freeware program that will provide you with some protection against this. Other programs like Verisigns digital certificate solution will cost you a monthly fee, but they will give you added peace of mind. One other solution is to check into VoIP [Internet Telephony software] VoIP is optimally secure, in most instances.

Secure yourself in instant messaging

Especially nave people will leave themselves wide open to trouble if they give out information over instant messaging services. Never give out passwords, credit card or banking information, drivers license or other personal information.

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