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Software for your PDA or Palm OS

We use the phrase Palm software to discuss the ever growing universe of software for any handheld devices. Of course, at this point (2006) the distinction between Palm devices and other devices such as cell phones, PDAs and pocket PCs is disintegrating before our eyes.

Palm software of various kinds has been with us for some time now. There is such a huge variety of Palm software and applications available that you can devote an entire web site to medical software for your Palm alone and never run out of things to say. That said, there are some issues concerning Palm software (Palm Pilot software, Palm OS software, Palm GPS software, handheld software, etc.) that you can be sure of.

Palm software covers a wide variety of upgrades and changes you can acquire for your handheld device. Whether you are purchasing games (Sudoku!), a restaurant guide, Rand McNallys StreetFinder or even mobile TV service be sure to keep our software tips on hand.

Some worthwhile Palm software is as follows :

Beyond Contacts from DataViz is software that has been around since 2003 that has proven to be very robust in syncing e-mails to your Palm from your desktop MS Outlook.

Mapopolis Navigator for Palm OS 5.0 is relatively inexpensive, flexible and easy to use software. Its especially ideal for those who want to learn everything about an area and for those who travel a lot. Its capabilities include door-to-door generation as well as GPS integration for on the fly directions and much more.

Rioscan Stockroom Inventory for Palm OS is a solution for workers and managers alike to help track inventory and find exactly where you put it, on the fly. Share it with workers or keep it to yourself itll pay for itself in time and inventory management.

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