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The Blackberry lives on

PDA software often overlaps with software you can also purchase for your cell phone, Pocket PC and other handheld devices. The distinction between any and all of these is disintegrating. As well, changes and rumors of changes both legal and technological persist. For example, at the time of this writing, the patent dispute between Research in Motion and NTP was ongoing. Whatever the outcome of this case, the landscape in this area of technology and software is shifting every moment.

PDA software of various kinds has been with us for some time now. There are thousands of software products you can purchase for your PDA. Looking for advice specific to PDA type devices that are slightly different from PDAs per se? Go to our pages on:

The advice we give here really focuses on Blackberry PDA users.

Some recommended software for your Blackberry PDA.
  • IM+ is an ideal instant messaging service for your Blackberry PDA. They charge a one time fee. Previous users can upload the latest update for BlackBerry v.3.2.1. You can also try WebMessenger instant messaging for an annual fee of $48. Any or all of these can be used with the Blackberrry Messenger service.
  • CryptMagic, listed for $35 from some online vendors, allows you to save your passwords, credit card numbers, PINs and other confidential data securely on your BlackBerry while keeping it synced with your PC.
  • With some tinkering, VoiceCommand (by Microsoft) can be synced to your handheld PDA to allow you to add voice capabilities to your PDA. You can learn more on our PocketPC page or search our resources for pda software.
  • Berry411 is a very useful application for finding local information, weather, restaurants, etc.
  • Task Switcher sets up a hot key (ALT-ESCAPE on the Blackberry 957 and ALT-BACKSPACE on the Blackberry 950) to invoke the built in RIM task switcher at any time. Its one of a wide variety of utilities available as a free download.

You can learn more about any of these by (using our search box) searching advertisers for blackberry software.

In lieu of various lawsuits leveled against it, RIM has created a number of workaround software solutions in case its service is ever shut down. These may not be problem-free or seamless in transition, as the company hopes; some analysts note that technical hurdles would be significant.

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