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Intro to Bluetooth

Pocket PCs from Hewlett Packard, Dell, Toshiba and others are basically the same as PDAs and even smart phones. Today, smart phones are one of the most sought after consumer electronics items because they can do virtually everything while performing that most important function the bestallowing you to immediately contact friends and family. Still, Pocket PCs have their ardent fans and backers (like you, we presume) for being slimmed down and lean, while still rich in worthwhile features.

Much of the essential software for your Pocket PC is included. This kind of software would include backup software, for example.

If you are making the switch from a Palm to a Pocket PC, there is some software that you can export. You may also be able to get an upgrade or platform jump for free. Some other software that is especially well suited for your Pocket PC (especially for your Dell Pocket PC) is as follows:

  • Pocket DVD Wizard turns your DVD movies into neat little mpegs you can store on a card or watch on your home Dell later.
  • Battery Watch is a handy little program that is free. It installs a battery icon on your home screen (the Today Screen, for Dell users) that tells your battery life.
  • PHM Pocket PC Plus! 0.6 is a battery of simple tools that makes your work life easier. It includes a number of programs, such as SleepTimer to automatically turn off music and video, or MyPictures that automates a slideshow.
Bluetooth Software

Bluetooth is designed to connect your Pocket PC to cell phones, printers, computers and other hardwareall wirelessly. Bluetooth is important for a number of different reasons:

  • it can essentially transform a data capable Pocket PC into a wireless modem.
  • It can also connect one Pocket PC to another or one PC to another PC.

Many Pocket PCs now come with Bluetooth already integrated, but if you have a Pocket PC that is not pre-installed with Bluetooth, this may prove to be a daunting task for some users.

Hard Resetting

Most Pocket PC software allows you to take it for a trial run. Its a good idea to find out what software is really useful to you before you try using your Pocket PC for any critical daily operations. Once you have your software preferences set, you can start saving data after doing one final hard reset.

Did you know? Bluetooth was a 10th century Viking who united Norwayand Denmark.

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