Software Development

Problems in the industry are not the ones once prophesied

Software development is relatively easy to find, in spite of the many warnings (we have heard for many years) about the shortage of software developers. However, it may be harder to find good software development.

It is still the case that many pieces of software are not designed with the end user in mind. Microsoft remains the giant in software development because they anticipate what users want (and more thoroughly than they once did, too, we might add). It remains true today that too much software development begins with an idea by the software designer instead of in the mind of an end user. We still see software projects that have never been in front of a user until they are imposed on that user at the time of product launch.

Finding good software developers is not necessarily about finding software developers with experience (of course, this still may be important) nor is it about finding software developers who have good ideas. Finding a good software development firm or team is about finding people who know how to develop software.

Sound simple? It should be and there are some simple questions that can go a long way toward telling you whether or not a software development team is going to pan out:
  • Are they able to describe the software and its functions accurately?
  • Ask them oblique questions to find out what they think about the usefulness of the software or of the way you have asked them to develop it. Gauge their enthusiasm for the project.
  • Ask them for a planning schedule. If theyre hesitant about giving you a project completion date, this can actually be a sign that they are doing things the right way. Just make sure they keep you posted with specs and other progress updates.
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