Custom Software Development

Finding a software developer you can live with

Are You Sure you Need Custom Software?

Be sure to look around at all the software that is available in the area in which you are looking. There are literally hundreds or thousands of companies all over North Americawho are already developing software; it is often the case that there is already software you can accommodate to your needs.

Getting a Good Price

This isnt a business undertaking where you want to go for the lowest bid or search for bargains, but you can still negotiate for a better price. The simplest way to do this is to imply that you may be giving the software development company or programmer more business.

Building a relationship with them will also be to your advantage, but hint that if this goes well, we may have some more work for you. that's an easy way to get their attention and to get their best work. If they think its a one-off project, theyll give you second rate work. You can use this in bargaining with numerous companies. Ideally, look for a young company with some good credentials who may have more to prove. It could be the start of something big for both of you. Its an expensive buyers market, but it is a buyers market.

Alternately, you can find a software developer or development company with expertise in the exact market in which you are working. They may already have developed software readily customizable for your organization, or you can sell them on the fact that they will be able to sell the software to other organizations.

You can check the hourly wage for software developers in your state against the mean average calculated by the US Department of Labor. These can be found on their State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimatespage. The mean average for the United Statesis just under $40; double this if you are paying for custom work from contractors.

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Custom Development Software

There are many custom development packages on the market. In late 2005, Microsoft released the following software:

  • Visual Studio 2005, a programming environment
  • SQL Server 2005, for databases and related applications
  • BizTalk facilitates message exchange and platform translations for the purposes of (for example) combining customer information, etc.
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