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Of tutoring software and lesson creation software

Software usability has been an issue for some time, now, and most of the software that has become popular has done so because it is easy to use. On the other hand, there are certain things that have become commonplace to the design of software so that users do not need tutorials.

Still, in the case of some software and for some users who are still new to the world of software, there will be benefit to software tutorials. Many software vendors will still offer free online tutorials to users, in order to facilitate the easy use of their software.

Free isnt so free

One company Video Professor advertises free tutorials and has made a business of giving people software tutorials for over ten years now. But Video Professor is criticized by some for deceptive practices. Tutorials that are advertised as free are in fact charged on your credit card and are difficult to get refunded. Around the web, there are a number of warnings against this company, and we advise you to check them out with caution.

Other tutorial software

If you are searching for software that will tutor you in something such as typing, math or piano, be sure to get a trial version of the software.

There are many free typing tutorials available. Trial versions for some tutorial software might actually be hard to find, since vendors may be afraid that you are only coming to find out one thing. Most software offering extensive tutorials will offer free trials.

There are many companies and online schools that offer training and tutoring in software development, but that really falls outside the range of this site. You can use our search box to find out about these.

Tutorial Creation Software

Tutorial Creation software allows users to simply and quickly create tutorials through the use of drag and drop and other similarly easy-to-use facilities. Some of the top makers in this area are as follows:

  • Demo Builder uses Flash to create interactive simulations. It does require facility in Flash and other software; its ideal for businesses with complex tutoring needs.
  • Camtasia Studio allows you to create how-to videos and other tutorials. A leader in screen capture and recording technology, the company is rich in help resources.

You can learn more about software in this area by searching for tutorial software, using our search box, by clicking on the links nearby or by going back to your original search for tutorial software.

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